It’s music to their ears – Local school receives $5K grant

May 29, 2024

This article was featured in the Maitland Mercury

Thornton Public School is hitting a high note after Waterford by AVID Property Group (AVID) announced the school will receive its first sponsorship from the residential developer in 2024 alongside Top Blokes Foundation, which AVID is supporting for the third consecutive year.

AVID’s NSW Project Director Danny Boubli said AVID was delighted to provide funds to the two well-deserving organisations that both play crucial yet varied roles in the local community.

“Having long-lasting sponsorships and partnerships allows us to create deep-rooted connections with, not only local residents, but also the broader community,” Mr Boubli said.

“Through our Waterford Sponsorship and Grants program, we are honoured to be supporting the Thornton Public School music program and once again assisting the Top Blokes Foundation on its mission to improve young male health and wellbeing.”

Thornton Public School will be receiving $5,000 to assist with launching its music program and purchasing instruments, providing more children the chance to explore their talents.

Thornton Public School teacher Georgina Doolan said the funds will be an integral part of the project’s cause.

“We are delighted that a developer like AVID is taking the initiative to support the local community by creating more learning opportunities for children to thrive and expand their skills,” Ms Doolan said.

“Having a basic understanding of music is so important for primary school aged children and we are hoping to roll out this program across a few of our year levels and eventually the whole school.

“We are very much looking forward to seeing the students embrace these classes and celebrate the joy of music together.”

Waterford is also looking forward to continuing its support of Top Blokes Foundation who, since the sponsorship began, have made a considerable impact on the lives of many young men in the local area.

Top Blokes Foundation will continue its junior mentorship program at St Bede’s Catholic College covering a range of topics from mental health to masculinity, and anger management, allowing boys to become more vocal about their struggles and gain important male role models.

Over the past ten years, AVID’s Sponsorships and Grants Program has played a crucial role in shaping the area in and around Waterford through capacity building and strong partnerships helping initiatives and local clubs to prosper.

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