Purchasing Land

1. Confirm your finances and legal representative

  • Talk to your lender or broker about pre-approval on your loan. Knowing your finance is already organised will give you the freedom to make an offer on your ideal block straight away.
  • Select your conveyancer or solicitor to guide you through the purchasing land and building your home journey.

2. Choose your block of land

  • A sales consultant will help you select a block of land that best suits your needs.
  • Discuss with your builder to ensure your block complements your chosen house design.

3. Secure your lot with a $1,000 Holding Deposit

  • This is a fully refundable initial deposit.
  • The initial deposit can be paid by Cheque or EFT only.
  • The contract will be issued electronically to your solicitor/conveyancer.
  • You will have 14 days to exchange contracts.
  • Your block of land is taken off the market during this 14 day period whilst you finalise your finance.

4. Unconditional Exchange

  • Your solicitor/conveyancer will help you finalise your contract. When you are ready to sign your contract, your conveyancer/solicitor will forward the email with the signing link to you. No special programs are needed to sign electronically – you can use any computer, tablet or smartphone device that has email and internet access. You can sign at home or in your conveyancers/solicitor’s office.
  • The contract will be secured with a 10% deposit and payable by two installments being 5% on exchange of contracts and 5% on settlement.

5. Settlement

  • Once your land is registered with the Land Registry Services, you’ll have 21 days to settle on your land.
  • If your land is registered, you will have 35 days from unconditional exchange or as specified in the contract of sale to settle on your land.
  • Your legal advisor will manage this process with you.
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