The 8 Stages of Building a House in Australia

February 9, 2024

Building your dream home is an incredible experience. After all, it’s the beginning of a new  and exciting chapter of your life. To make the process as thrilling – and hassle-free – as possible, it’s worth familiarising yourself with the eight stages of building a house in Australia. That way you can know what to expect and be prepared for any obstacles that may crop up.

  1. Choosing the land
    Whether it’s a hidden pocket in an established suburb or a block in a new development, buying land is the first step on your construction journey. Bear in mind what size home you’re looking for, as the square footage will play a role here. Also note whether the land is flat or whether you’ll be building on a slope.
  2. Finding your ideal builder
    Depending on your preferences, you may decide to choose your builder before buying the land. If you have a dream design in mind, locking in your home first means you can find a block of land that fits perfectly with your new home. The reverse is also true – after you’ve chosen your block of land, a builder can work with you to choose the ideal design to make use of the space.
  3. Laying the foundations
    During the base stage, the builder will take care of all the earthworks like levelling before pouring any concrete. Essential facilities like electrical and stormwater systems, as well as underground plumbing, will also take place during this phase.
    The foundation is then laid, including pouring the footings, moisture barriers and even special protection from termites with meshing.
  4. Putting up the frame
    The skeleton of your home is erected, installing both internal and external structural supports. This means walls, electrical wiring, plumbing, the frame of the roof, insulation, guttering, sheeting and more are all part of this essential construction phase.
  5. Lock-up
    You’ll be able to ‘lock up’ your home at this stage, and with the remaining walls installed you’ll get a really good sense of what your finished property will look like. Windows and doors will be fitted, allowing you to lock them.
  6. The ‘fix’ stage
    This is the stage where additional tradespeople (like plumbers, carpenters, cabinet makers and electricians) can safely begin fit-outs in your home. They will install power outlets, lighting fixtures, as well as essentials like tiles, shelves, cabinets, architraves and more.
  7. Final build
    As the final stage in the construction process of your new home, all the finishing touches will take place. This means paintwork, built-in systems (air conditioning and ducted heating), as well as electrical and plumbing ‘fit-offs’. Only after settlement will expensive appliances like dishwashers be installed – as this lowers the risk of theft before you’ve even moved in.
  8. Post-build
    After all these stages are complete, it’s time for the post-build inspection. Your builder will organise a Practical Completion Inspection and you’ll be able to walk through your finished home for the first time before signing off, settling your final payment and receiving the keys.

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