Chisholm housing trends reveal buyers are settling down close to family

February 28, 2024

There’s a new housing trend on the rise, with one developer noticing multiple generations of families in Chisholm are choosing to live close together.

According to the Waterford by AVID Property Group (AVID) team, there are at least 20 home owners in the community who have one or more family members also living at Waterford.

Deborah Fisher, who moved to the Harvest neighbourhood in Waterford with her husband Les in 2018, is among these owners, having moved just a few streets away from her two children who both live in the community with their families.

While their son was the first to make the move to the community, followed a few years later by their daughter, Ms Fisher and her husband, who previously lived on a five-acre block in Port Stephens, were unsure at first how their adult children would respond to them downsizing and moving so close to them.

“A residential community was an easy choice because we were able to downsize on land but maintain a large family home; we could have a ‘retired lifestyle’ without being in a retirement village or losing our independence,” Ms Fisher said.

“When we first told our kids ‘we’ve bought land in the Harvest neighbourhood and we’re only going to be two minutes away from you,’ the response was not entirely enthusiastic and there was certainly a concern that we’d be around every five minutes checking up on them.

“But the reality has been wonderful, if we need them or they need us we can be there to support each other with everything from school drop off to looking after the little ones over the holidays.”

Ms Fisher said it has been great to build connections with neighbours and other members of their grandchildren’s school community.

“We haven’t been pigeon-holed into a neighbourhood of only people in our age group,” she said.

AVID NSW project director Danny Boubli said family referrals, like the Fisher family, are a testament to the welcoming nature of Waterford.

“Having neighbours and family in your corner, close by is something that is often overlooked as an important part of overall wellbeing,” Mr Boubli said.

“The turn-out at resident events throughout the year is always high and I am endlessly impressed by the sociable, friendly nature of the community.”

Another Waterford resident, Jack O’Connor, recently purchased for the third time in the community – following the lead of his parents who built their first Waterford home six years ago, and his sister who also lives just a stone’s throw away from him.

Mr O’Connor shared that his family was in initially drawn to Waterford because of the natural, calming surroundings of the community.

“The homes that my family and I have lived in over the years in Waterford have all been either close to, or facing, beautiful natural enclaves. Having those relaxing landscapes surrounding you is wonderful,” Mr O’Connor said. “Having open green and blue spaces so close to home to stroll through, and to relax in on the weekends with our family is really beneficial for our lifestyle and overall wellbeing.”

This article was featured in the Maitland Mercury

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