What is a master-planned community and why is it a great place to live?

February 6, 2024

As the population in major cities continue to rise, there’s a solution that’s helping residents find a community-driven suburb that offers everything they need.

Enter: the master-planned community. But what is a master-planned community, and why is it such a good idea to buy a home in one? Let’s explore everything you need to know about this growing and evolving phenomenon.

Master-planned communities 101

In contrast to established neighbourhoods, which define their ecosystem over the course of several decades or more, master-planned communities are essentially ‘ready-made’ neighbourhoods that offer their residents a place to live comfortably – with everything they need in close proximity.

A master-planned community like Waterford, for example, offers the best of both worlds. It is close enough to the vibrancy of Newcastle city yet still encompasses the country charm with larger land blocks and the once upon a time close-knit community that our grandparents experienced. This close-knit community has been made possible through a dedicated Community Liaison Officer who brings the community together through various events and activities.

A variety of house-and-land packages and land to buy

When looking at land for sale in a master-planned community, you’ll have the benefit of massive choice – something buyers in established suburbs simply don’t get. You can view release plans to understand not just the size of the land but also its proximity to parks and waterways. At Waterford, you can also use the search function to define your ideal price, frontage and lot size to find the best possible land for your needs.

Alternatively, you might prefer the simplicity of a house and land package. Take a look at a diversity of home designs by high-quality builders and pick one that speaks to your particular taste. You’ll be able to tweak aspects of the design before construction begins, but best of all you’ll have a clear price to go on so you know exactly how much you are spending on your new property.

The best amenities mean you don’t need to travel far for anything

A problem with living in an established suburb is that the amenities you need to use regularly – such as grocery shops, schools, parks, and medical centres –may not be located in close proximity. This may mean a lot of the time you’re commuting back and forth to different parts of town just to run your daily errands.

A master-planned community is designed to minimise this issue entirely. At Waterford, for example, residents will be able to enjoy shopping facilities in the heart of the proposed village centre, with everything from specialty shops to gourmet stores, cafes, and even a proposed supermarket.

There’s also a focus on leisure with 7km of bike and walking trails and numerous existing and future parks, as well as health and wellbeing, with major hospitals, aged-care facilities, allied health professionals and day spas all within easy reach.

But perhaps most important for some homeowners in a master-planned community is knowing that their young children will get the education they deserve. That’s why Waterford is home to early childcare facilities, a dedicated primary school and even a newly opened senior co-ed school.

The bottom line: Affordability and a diverse neighbourhood are king

Every homeowner has a different reason for buying in a master-planned community, but two of the biggest drawcards are price and the diversity of amenities. Located on the outskirts of a major city’s CBD, land and house packages are able to sell for a much more affordable price. That draws a cross-section of people to the new neighbourhood as they seek to start a new chapter of their lives in a friendly community.

So whether you choose to buy empty land and build your dream house, or select a home package offered by one of many builders, living in a master-planned community is becoming an increasingly popular option for Australians.

Waterford is an exciting new development set to become one of the most enviable suburbs in Chisholm, East Maitland. Enjoy the natural beauty and spacious surrounds with all the convenience of stylish village living.

Enquire today to find out more about land and house and land packages at Waterford.

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