Chisholm Plaza FAQ’s

February 9, 2024

One of the exciting amenities proposed for our Waterford community is the commercial precinct, Chisholm Plaza and we know that many residents are just as enthusiastic as we are to see it come to life.

While the site and plans are not owned by AVID Property Group, we have included some frequently asked questions that we can answer.

What is Chisholm Plaza?

Chisholm Plaza is planned to become a state-of-the-art neighbourhood shopping centre that will sit on a six-hectare site in the heart of Waterford. At this stage, there are plans to include, fresh food, a supermarket, food catering services and further specialty shops to cater for the Waterford community and the broader catchment

Who owns Chisholm Plaza?

Since 2021, the site and plans for Chisholm Plaza have been owned by REVELOP — an independent, privately-owned property development company. The planning and development of Chisholm Plaza will therefore be undertaken by REVELOP.

Prior to 2021 the site was owned by Challenger Limited.

Why doesn’t AVID Property Group own Chisholm Plaza?

Waterford — previously known as Waterford County — was originally owned by Challenger Limited. In 2017, AVID Property Group acquired the balance of undeveloped residential land.

At the time of acquisition, the commercial precinct land for the proposed Chisholm Plaza was not available for purchase and remained in the ownership of Challenger Limited. AVID understands that the site was acquired by REVELOP from Challenger Limited earlier this year.

Are plans for Chisholm Plaza approved?

Under the ownership of Challenger Limited, plans to build the centre were approved by Maitland City Council in 2019.

Who do I contact to find out more about Chisholm Plaza?

If you have any questions and information, please visit the Chisholm Plaza website – click here.

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