House and Land Packages near Fletcher

Waterford is a community set in the heart of magnificent wine country, selling house and land packages near Fletcher. Whether life is centred around a growing family, an active lifestyle or the tranquillity of children having flown the coop, Waterford provides the perfect backdrop to living the way you desire, all within nature’s embrace. AVID Property Group designs for harmonic existence with the local wildlife, well aware of the positive impact of green spaces on the mind, body and soul. Waterford sits on the doorstep of miles of reserves, parklands and tree-lined paths to roam, offering a panoramic, peaceful expanse to wake up to each day. Full of light, space and community, these house and land packages near Fletcher come with the balance of tranquil yet connected living. Residents don’t lose out on connectivity despite living in a more mindfully paced country locale. For an elegant and relaxed village lifestyle at minimal effort and cost, a house and land package takes the guesswork out of home-buying. 

Fletcher is a tranquil outer suburb of Newcastle. Being only 26 minutes’ drive from Waterford, between Fletcher and Waterford you will find peace, connection, a powerful sense of community… and stunning vista-like views. Fletcher has a range of amenities and facilities closely available for Waterford residents, as well as stunning beachside and wildlife spots. If life at a more peaceful pace is of interest to you, enquire about our house and land packages near Fletcher today.